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October 31st, 2012, 22:01
Fire will hold out as a strong choice until about level 16 or so. When you hit the Vale of Twilight levels, much of what you face starts to be resistant or immune to fire.

Acid is even throughout, and is actually my Wizard's third damage type (along with Fire and Negative, being a PM).

Electric is also fairly strong throughout, until you get to the Demon Web (level 23 area, so no rush) and even then, stays fairly potent against single-targets thanks to Eladar's Electric Surge.

Cold is strong throughout the game. Especially Vale-up.

As a Sorc, I'd advise you to not focus on one element, but at least three damage types. Cold and Electric tend to be two, with Force, Fire, or Acid being a third choice. Common theory is Fire/Acid until Vale time, then switch to Cold/Electric.

I also advise not being a 1 trick pony. Aerii has Epic Hard-viable DCs on her enchantment spells, and I carry Mass Holds and Charms as well as disco ball and Web. Sorcerers have to focus on one school, but they can get viable DCs for DC-based casting in that school. Usually, it's either Necromancy or Enchantment, as they have the most effective collection of spells. I've done both, LRing out of Necro with U14, but find both effective. Mass Charm Monster is very amusing though, especially in a group expecting to kill everything.

Aerii actually uses all 4 basic elements, but no force. The best Force arcane spell, Disintegrate, tends to fail too often post level 20. While Cold and Electric are currently the strongest, this can change with new content, and you never know when a new spell might come in.

The reason for Cold and Electric dominance is due to two level 5 spells, which are basically clones of each other (and the Cleric/FvS spell Divine Punishment). Eladar's Electric Surge and Niac's Biting Cold. These are your best boss-beaters as an arcane. Fire and Acid simply do not have an equivalent.

Cold also has Polar Ray, which I've personally seen break 6,000 points damage on Aerii when she was a Water Savant, and Frost Lance, which is also a strong single-target. Electric is hurt by all it's spells being on a reflex save (lots of evasion critters around in higher levels), but Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning are powerful when they hit. Acid does have Black Dragon Bolt, which for all intents and purposes is an Acid Polar Ray, it just takes a bit of time to do all of the damage.

Against trash, Acid, Fire, and Ice are roughly equal, with Electric a bit behind due to a lack of an AoE DoT like Ice Storm, Firewall, and Acid Rain. I keep all three on my Sorc, with Stoneskin filling in the last slot.

Notice I didn't mention Sonic. That's because there aren't but three Sonic spells for arcanes (Bards have 4), and they're a bit lack-luster compared to the other five main types. Sonic damage is tied in with Electric IIRC, so feel free to experiment if you desire. I really wish there were more Sonic spells, but I think the devs were afraid of it becoming the best type, since very little is resistant to Sonic (I know of nothing actually, but there may be something obscure out there).

If I had to dial back to three types, I'd go Cold, Acid, and Electric. I actually mostly use Cold and Electric, but I keep Firewall and Acid Rain for trash clearing, and BDB for a one-two punch with Polar Ray. This is what I had for a long while, until I decided to bring back Firewall for some extra trash clearing power.

TBH, I rarely use regular AoEs anymore. I still keep several around, but mostly I use the DoTs for trash, along with CC, or on Cairii, simply kill them with Circle and Finger.

Saturday is most likely going to happen, though it's not confirmed. Right now, most of the storm orders are small, but we do have 1 large one, about 4000pcs. GSI wise it's about 3 days worth, but little on the other areas in my department. Since I machine parts for the GSI lines, I'll have to be in. I don't think Sunday will be necessary, not with both shifts in, but there's still time for more orders.
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