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October 31st, 2012, 23:02
Thanks! I'm really excited, although it doesn't pay that great. Not yet - these big name companies are typically where you start out because everybody applies there and they know that. But having your name associated with them gets your resume noticed down the line. Its what I want - a development job and maybe I can land there permanently.

I'll be testing directx drivers on their internal GPU's. Right now the big issue Windows 8 compatibility it appears. If I say more I may be violating some privacy agreement I'm finding out about.


One of the guys I interviewed with is also writing an Android App. He says he put about 400 hours into after work and on weekends. I 'm still not exactly sure what it does after seeing it (something about starcraft - it does look really nice) and he's got it on hold right now . I'm hoping maybe we can tag team our apps as soon as we start.
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