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November 1st, 2012, 02:04
People also want multiplayer and vanity armor DLC, but that ain't what this project's about.

In all likelihood, Obsidian will likely include some token relationship quest trees to appease backers who, for whatever reason, like to play their part in a pixelated romance novel with awkward dialogue. And I'll skip it, as I've done for every single game that i can recall.

But, first and foremost, I am hopeful that they won't cater to and try to appease the mass market mentality that didn't fund the project in the first place.

Edit: What truly vexes me is this question: "What the hell is wrong with being a great friend to another character, a character with whom you share complex thoughts and worries… what is wrong with being such a friend and not wanting to get into that person's pants?" It's so damn irritating and just plain insulting to feed me this shallow drivel dialogue when all it leads to is some ultimate "let's bang" option. And that's what I hate about romances - it detracts from deep characterization all around. And they're almost always juvenile.
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