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November 1st, 2012, 06:25
Originally Posted by Biff The Understudy View Post
There is just something about this project that gets my scammy sense tingeling.
Not sure if it is the fact that all the screen shots look way too familiar and way too good to have been done in a years time by a single artist.
They're a whole team. "Way too famililar", like taken from another game? Explain the video then please? Oh, it's also stolen..?

Could also be the lofty claims accompanying all the pictures of the people (supposedly) involved. Which incidentally look like they were taken from random company sites or something similar.
Again with the stealing? You really lack imagination.. Again, that isnt exactly legal and would likely kill the project within days when someone recognizes a photo / person. That would also happen if they indeed had stolen the tech/screens from some exisiting game.

About no saving, I think it's a really good idea, at least if you claim you want to create something intense and unique. Saving is often distracting from gameplay, especially in those games where you find yourself abusing it to no end, it becomes too much like cheating, face a boss and kill him after 40 tries because of pure luck, a glitch etc. I much prefer save points or no save and instead have a very balanced and intense game where you have to think and really care about your next move.

Anyways, looks absolutely fantastic (physics especially). It really made GTA IV a lot better imo, creates all sorts of either funny or dramatic scenes when fighting or getting run over or just barely touched by a passing car or person etc. This really needs to be in all games that contains melee fighting - each fight becomes completely unique instead of a repeative bore.
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