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November 1st, 2012, 06:07
Originally Posted by Kordanor View Post
No Save/Load usually means Iron Man Mode, ergo: Everything is saved automatically but you do not have savepoints. So if you make a decision, there is no going back to try out the other path. Much like FTL for example. Or Ironman on XCom or Mount and Blade with the option enabled.
But yes, they should have written more about it.

About the pound thing: It is an UK based company. Kickstarter opened to UK based projects just today, as can be read here:

The Conversion rate might be something new for you - the rest of the world however had to deal with it already in the past.
Re: save/reload Thanks for the explanation - But I still don't like it. It's my game let me save where I want. Back tracking on decisions certainly doesn't ruin "my" enjoyment of a game. And it certainly doesn't negate the point I made about developers making save game decisions for me.

Re: Conversion rates. Is the conversion rate locked when I pledged, or when the campaign is over or when they take the money out of my account? I know over a typical 30 day time frame the difference is only pennies. For example in October a 25 pound pledge could have been worth anything where from $39.98 to $40. 45.
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