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November 1st, 2012, 07:14
This looked like a very interesting project, IMO. I thought the presentation was great and I'm inclined to contribute to this one. Thanks very much for the heads up, Dhruin!

I would have really liked to have seen some sort of commitment to releasing mod tools, however - the designer spent a lot of time showing what a great editor they developed, seems a shame not to make the tools available for fans to add and share new content. I think I will hold off on pledging for a bit, hopefully they might comment regarding mod tools.

The idea of no saving seems very strange. I tend to prefer games where the combat is very challenging and I die and reload hundreds of times. If I am able to survive the entire game without dying, it seems as though the combat might not be as enjoyable; however, I gather they may simply have some sort of "special consequences" like you lose half your gold and teleport to another area or something along those lines. With such a massive open world, I'm a bit skeptical that the game would work out without being able to save and reload anywhere you want.

Originally Posted by syllogz View Post
What the bloody hell is wrong with people in the video game industry to gesticulate like that???
I've seen it before on big game conferences, even from big studios. Is it being taught them to jerk around like a marionette?
I mean I understand that if you want to make a point you raise one hand and point out, and if you really want to stress it, then you would do it with two hands.
But waving around with two hands constantly, completely out of any context???
I had to turn off the video after 30 sec, it was so annoying..

Learn to present your shit properly, and then I might consider listening.
These are not "people in the video game industry" - the guy has been developing this game with a group of friends for a number of years as a hobby. He's certainly not a polished publishing exec looking to sweep savvy investors off their feet, for example.

I thought the presentation was solid, in terms of the details conveyed and the editor demo. I've seen much worse Kickstarter videos where someone who was neither a polished presenter nor a talented comedian tried to imitate some of the funnier videos and failed horribly. I think in the case of Sui Generis, Madoc Evans was wise to keep it simple and not try to compete with those funny or irreverent videos by more established studios.

I do think they should have dedicated at least part of the video (or hopefully a future video) to showcasing role playing elements of the game, lore, backstory, quests, character creation options and progression, etc.
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