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November 1st, 2012, 20:22
Friday is iffy, but I will try to make it, might be on later in the evening after 8pm PST. I really want to thank you azraelck for that very helpful and informative post. I suppose it was a bad idea to put all my eggs into the fire bucket. I did switch out a heroism spell for lightning bolt and with maximize on it works fairly well on most monsters and particularly well on blackbone…no need to fire off 10+ magic missile spells, 3 does the job well. I still prefer my fireball spell when lots of enemies are gathered together and firewall is sometimes a hit or miss as when I throw it out there it sometimes is far away from creatures…not sure why that is, maybe my aim is off. I was hoping to have a nuker sorcerer but I see quite a few sorcerers using spells like Mass Charm and that disco ball. Fairly interesting tactic but I rather kill quickly.

My normal routine is to cast stone skin, greater heroism and haste as my buffs and start nuking away but at these higher levels the monsters are fairly resistant and get in close range and hit hard. My AC is 20+2 so I go down rather quick. I need to change my approach at this point. Level 12 so far but fairly close to 14 XP wise. Curious what other Sorcs/Wizards use at this level armour/weapons to help bump their AC. Appreciate the help the guild is offering, especially the advice!
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