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November 1st, 2012, 20:52
A while ago I read the story of an illusionist in Skyrim and thought it would be fun to do something similar, but less extreme. So I decided to make a Dragonborn who was… not exactly a coward, but more cautious than your oridinary PC.

Right away that made Archery and Conjuration the skills of choice. A bit of Light Armor added some protection without turning me into a slow-moving target, but early on a robe gave a helpful boost to Conjuration. Naturally Lydia was an early and much-cherished meat-shield and distraction, and reduced the amount of girlish screaming and fleeing to safety while my magicka recovered.

A quick little backstory came to me during the opening credits. My new Sir Robinesque Breton was apprenticed to a wizard who lived near Bruma and was conveniently killed by the Vigilant of Stendar for cavorting with daedra. Oops. Then came a mad escape through the mountains into Skyrim and an encounter with some Stormcloaks and Imperials. After staring death, or a dragon at least, in the face, it was time to get enough power to avoid getting trapped in that sort of situation again. Booze helps the recovery process after particularly nasty encounters, and spiders are left for summons and Lydia to take care of.

Anyone else have any interesting characters they'd like to share, or themes to recommend? Any pacifists, pilgrims, or city-fearing hunters out there?
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