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November 1st, 2012, 21:18
Phuury did fine as a firebug thru level 15 or so. Like Az said, it's really not until you hit the Vale that lots of the critters start getting significant fire resistance. You've got time and it's fairly easy and cheap (~1000plat) to redo your enhancements once you get to a point where fire starts to fizzle.

Targetting spells is always a bit of an adventure, so don't feel bad. After 20 levels on Phuury, I still can't consistently put area spells like firewall and acid rain where I want them. The most reliable technique (and there's only a limited number of situations where this is practical) is to stand where you want it and look down. Putting a monster in your targetting orb to center the spell usually works, but it's definitely not 100% and seems to go wonky when you can least afford it because DDO hates us.

Armor class is pretty pointless for a caster. You'll never get it to a value where it really matters. I learned very early on (and with my usual play style plus Phuury being a barbarian in his first life, it was a tough lesson) in various painful manners that your best defense is running, screaming like a schoolgirl. You should definitely add Blur to your spell list if you can manage it—the added chance for critters to miss is worth its weight in gold. Displacement is even better for the same reason, but it doesn't last very long.
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