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November 1st, 2012, 21:45
I have very limited knowledge about Android under the hood workings, I sent you a PM as to why this is the case.

But yeah memory management has been a huge issue for me. I did the sounds last, and I knew it would take a hit when I actually added them.

I have had some issues with memory but for the most part since I am doing the 'pixel-graphics look', I haven't had too bad a problem because my footprint is tiny, almost microscopic in comparison to other games because I am scaling my source graphics.

Originally my game wasn't going to involve animations and such. I was just going to have the enemies pop up in their own window ala the Bard's Tale 1. But then when designing them I made it so that they popped up on the screen to look like they appeared in front of the player. Then I was thinking, for craps&giggles, what if I made different version of them at different scales and just set them in the world… That just looked too cool and 'eye of the beholder'-like. So next thing led to another and I was doing the same for objects. And I basically feature creeped myself into my current design during my 'I have no idea what kind of game this is going to be or what I am doing, but this sure is fun' stage of development.

The animating thing came really easy for me, as I actually built my system on a series of sprite holders, that are sent a message as to what sprite animations to play based on the map. Most of the sprite animations are just 1 frame, but this allowed me to have animated walls if I choose to make the sprite have more frames. This is how I get animated torches and stuff. Instead of the map telling my display handler what image to show, it tells it what animation to play.

Now making the art, that is a huge time juggle. And later in the game development process, the Evangelizing of the product became another full time job I had to squeeze in between programming and art. Needless to say, when this is done I am going to get some much needed sleep.

(I sent you a PM about the android details)
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