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November 1st, 2012, 23:18
I am not sure this qualifies as a theme but I will outline my current character which I have been playing for awhile. I had to "twist" the beginning a little to get it to work the way I want but that is what games are all about Also, even though very cliche, I always prefer to start as an orphan. Just avoids any family back story issues.

Kveldulfr, The Evening Wolf

Born an orphan in Skyrim Kveldulfr knows nothing about his parents as he was found abandoned out in the wild by a Bosmer Ranger. He had been tracking some wolves … which in turn had led him to the infant. Not sure what to do with the child he left him at a temple of Mara in Riften. He was raised there until he was around the age of twelve before he was forced into the Honorhall Orphanage. It was there he developed his wild rebellious streak and hatred of Grelod the Kind. Unlike some of the other orphans, however, he frequently fled the orphanage into the Ratway. There he started to learn the way of the theif.

Due to his connections at a young age with Mara, however, he has a deep seated sense of honor and sympathy towards those less fortunate. So he focused his theivery on the rich and the corrupt whenever possible. He was also visited from time to time by the Bosmer Ranger and he learned how to survive in the wild to some degree by his time with the Bosmer.

Growing up in a richly diverse city with all races made him very open minded and even though he had Nord blood he never felt the call to his homeland. He felt the Imperial Empire did a good job of providing for all races and was more closely aligned with them.

One event that was to lead to future changes in his life was his fascination with wolves, perhaps because that was his only connection to his birth. He researched wolves, Hircine and Werewolves whenever he had the opportunity and became a bit obsessed with the whole subject.

Until he was released from the orphanage at 17 he worked on developing his thieving skills with the rogues and some combat with the Bosmer Ranger. Once released he join the Theives guild which had fallen on hard times. His luck ran out one night attempting a heist at a crypt belonging to an undead mage. He was imprisoned and tortured. The mage attempted to steal and bind his soul but he was rescued by his Bosmer friend, who was mortally wounded in the rescue.

Based on this, and some later negative experiences with mages, Kveldulfr grew to hate any magic dealing with souls, and most mages in general except those who dealt with healing. He sought revenge a few times but the mage was to powerful and Kveldulfr sought to find a way to become more powerful.

This drive, along with his friends in the Thieves Guild, drove him rapidly higher up in the guild as he sought power and wealth although never losing his sense of honor or soft streak to the poor. Eventually he heard a rumor about the Companions being werewolves.

Taking a break from the thieves guild he joined the Companions and joined their inner circle. The night he was initiated into becoming a Werewolf he was overcome by the experience and fled to the woods. Fearful of what he might do he fled to Falkreath where he learned he might find Hircine, whom he knew about from his studies. There he was able to save Sindig, a wild werewolf, while also impressing Hircine enough to get his Ring.

Once again he attempted his revenge against the mage, whom he had discovered was an undead dragon priest, and again he barely escaped with his life. More determined than ever he returned to the Thieves guild, following rumors of Nightingales, powerful theives who worked for Nocturnal. It was also during this time that he fought and killed the Dark Brotherhood, after "stealing" of their kills when he finally got revenge against Grelod the Kind.

Through much effort he became a Nightingale, his allegiance now torn between Hircine and Nocturnal … but he figured they could work out the details later. He was traveling on guild business when he was ambushed by an imperial raid that had caught him off-guard. When he came to he was in a wagon going to his execution in Helgen - as they had made the mistake thinking he was a rebel.

Apparently the attack had also addled him somewhat as some of his memories were a bit vague. It was only through the intervention of a dragon attack that he was able to flee and now seeks the town of Riverwood.


So in essence I played a lot of the game as if it was BEFORE the dragons attack. Then he was attacked and now the game starts with him at Helgen …

Based on this the character finds out about being dragon born and starts to search his soul for what this means and what he wants to be in life. Should he abandon his life of crime? Is his revenge against the mage forcing him to become something he despises? What about his werewolf form? Should he seek a cure?

My plan is that he will eventually become guild master of the theives guild with the plan of making it become more of a mercantile based guild with a strong code of thieves honor. Think Robin Hood and his merry men. The rich, the powerful, the corrupt, all are fair game. But the guild will look out for their own and the poor.

He will stay a werewolf as killing with claws is no different than killing with a weapon or burning someone alive by magic. Death is death. However he has brokered a deal with Nocturnal - when he dies she will free his soul from Hircine and he will server her instead … until she releases him from her contract and then he will go to …. wherever.

Some quirks:

- Won't use conjuration or enchantments
- Avoids most enchanted items, prefers "honest" equipment and weapons
- Only uses restoration and a little illusion
- Will never hurt, steal or otherwise harm the poor (who are basically good people; lowlifes are fair game)
- Hunts in werewolf form fairly often but limits feeding to certain types of people
- Enjoys hunting bad mages and sometimes gets into hot water because of it
Character is centrality, the impossibility of being displaced or overset. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
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