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November 2nd, 2012, 01:21
Right now I'm playing Oblivion, not Skyrim, but I figured I would share anyway.

My character has gone through a bit of a transformation. To start, he was a Redguard warrior who found himself siding with the "good guys" in most situations. However, the Thieve's Guild quickly lured him in with it's promise of riches and wealth, so he strayed from the good path a bit. He wasn't murdering innocent people in the streets, but he would regularly break into noble's houses and steal everything that wasn't tied down, just to fence the stuff for a profit.

Well, a little thievery led to even darker things for Cyrus. He noticed the enemies in the world were getting extremely hostile, worse than usual. Even walking the roads between the Imperial City and Leyawiin, things got extremely difficult for him. So he decided that in order to gain enough strength to deal with these difficult times, he would make a pact to serve the various Daedric gods in order to gain their help in this difficult battle. Well, needless to say, working for Daedric gods can get a little…messy. After murdering 2 innocent villagers for Mephala, he had really become a dark, corrupted person. He even got visited by the Dark Brotherhood to become a companion of theirs, and it intrigued him a bit.

But then, everything changed. He heard about a preacher in Anvil who was prophesying the end of the world. Out of a sheer curiosity with the whole situation, he just had to investigate. Turns out that the Nine Divines themselves were looking for a champion, to rid the world of a certain evil that threatened mankind. Surely this wasn't Cyrus's calling, or was it? The thought of rescuing certain sacred artifacts and using them in his battle was very intriguing indeed.

So from that day he vowed to become a holy knight of the Nine Divines themselves. The Divine Crusader. He collected the artifacts and killed the evil that befell the land. All of a sudden he had a bigger responsibility, to the very people of Cyrodiil, that he would become a real hero and his lust for wordly possessions would come to an end. From that day forward he has walked the righteous path of the Gods themselves.

The question now is, will he continue to be a crusader for the gods and walk the righteous path? Or will the dark rewards of the Daedra lure him back into the dark side? With a strange door opening in Niben Bay, which appears to be a gate to the realm of the Daedric god of madness himself, things are definitely going to get interesting going forward.
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