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November 2nd, 2012, 11:21
Originally Posted by crpgnut View Post
I also would hate the ass-slow magic from Arx Fatalis. Spells need to be as fast as melee or much more damaging to compensate for their slower speed. Arx was too time consuming drawing those silly symbols in the air. It was horrendous.
Have to disagree with that pretty sad assessment of what I think is a very innovative magic system. I think in a role-playing game in the tradition of UU, it's perfectly justifiable to have magic system that's slow and strategic.
After all it's not a freaking arcade game or "awesome button" based action game, it's an RPG.
Furthermore, you could pre-plan and store spells for that next Ylside encounter or whatever. Some of the fights I had with Liches in the crypts during my magic build character were both intense and memorable.

Ahh man, C'mon Arkane…bring Arx 2 to Kickstarter!

Edit: Pardon my moment of delusion for Arkane autocracy; I'd forgotten they're now under the auspices of the Zenimax family tree! (Thanks Count)
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