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November 2nd, 2012, 15:32
The table top game is different from most other table top RPGs in several respects. This is how it is "supposed" to go (at least in earlier 1st through 4th editions, I am not familiar with the latest):

Each player creates several characters. Usually one wizard, one companion, and one or more grogs.

The wizards are, well, wizards. They are probably the most powerful characters in the game overall where power == ability to affect the outcome of game sessions. There are all kinds of ways to build wizards. The Ars Magica system is vastly more flexible that D&D and such.

Companions are everyone else who isn't a wizard (or a grog). So you can get smiths, rogues, bards, priests, knights, traders, and whatever.

Grogs are the redshirts of the team, basically simple fighters to guard the others.

All the characters the players create are part of a "covenant" (think "coven"), a place where the wizards live and the others hang out/help them/work. So really the group is playing as the whole covenant.

When an adventure happens everyone chooses to play their wizard, companion, or one or more of the grogs as they think is appropriate for the adventure. Usually you will have one adventure per season of the year.
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