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November 2nd, 2012, 16:05
In the meantime I've found three bugs (checked on official site and there is a confirmation). All are on pirate islands:
- after releasing pirates from the prison the quest is still unsolved (here only one, hundreds of such in skyrim)
- the mob in front of dead man chest has an unpassable wall in front of it so you can't attack it (solvable though - you have to click the mouse like crazy so that the game reacts and starts the fight)
- the search for the orc husband freezes the game if you click on orc's wife one more time after you turn him in and before you solve the quest (means not a biggie, just don't talk to her twice and you'll avoid it)

I must say I'm really happy that on 11 maps I've cleared so far there are practically just a few bugs. Actually I'm even more happy when I can say - cleared. As in previous KB games, once killed, mobs don't respawn.
Whoever puts "too much of backtracking" among cons in this game probably didn't play it at all.

Just received an update 11.8Mb on Steam, for those interested what's fixed details are here:

Hmmm, didn't even notice the honey thng since I don't use it in this runthrough, but no matter as it's nice to see something fixed before becoming an annoyance.
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