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November 2nd, 2012, 21:45
Originally Posted by TheMadGamer View Post
Sounds to me what the OP really wants are open world RPGs with a stronger narrative and hand-placed everything. Might want to change the topic to read 'spiritual successor to Gothic 2 NotR.'
I never played the Gothic games, but they sound like what I am looking for. At least the little I know about them anyway.

I don't mind the narrative in TES games. I think the writing is fine and I have no problem with how they present the dialog or story overall. Since Morrowind I have been captivated by those games and see no problems with the writing that others seem to have. To me it's pretty good.

Unfortunately, the era of hand-placed everything might be over. It seems like we are moving into the "totally dynamic, ever-changing game world" era. Skyrim is just the beginning of that. I think more games are going to take notes from what Skyrim did with Radiant A.I. and Radiant Story, and incorporate that type of thing into their own games.

Now, there's nothing wrong with Radiant everything and a game-world that is not static. But I think there is an opportunity for another company to make a hand-placed, static open-world game world that can compete with TES. Since TES games are more dynamic now, why not attempt a hand-placed game like Morrowind or the early Gothic games? Even Risen was a great hand-placed game.

Let's talk about Risen for a second. Risen was great because even the chests felt like they were completely hand-placed, with hand-placed loot inside of them. It didn't feel like, "oh, I'm level 10 so there will be level 12 gear in the chest". It felt like that loot was there no matter what level you were, and that went a long way to make the world feel completely hand-crafted. Same idea with enemies not respawning and being hand-placed in the game world. That game just really did a good job of creating an open world that was completely hand-crafted.

I'd like to see more of that, but closer to TES style open worlds. Combine the hand-placed, hand-craftedness of Risen with the open-world of TES, and that would be my ideal game.

In other words, Morrowind.
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