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November 3rd, 2012, 15:37
IMO, those that work only for new games are not important. Let's see:

• Odis Or and Undershore Brotherhood quests corrected*
- first one can be avoided, as I've said you just don't talk to Odis' wife twice, or when the game freezes, kill it with task manager and you can still finish the quest
- second one can't be avoided, but since the reward seems not important (just cash and no weapons, crystals or runes), well… I don't care

• Quest-related (“Missing cabin boy”) army now doesn’t run away anymore*
- not a biggie if you miss it (and you won't, you'll grab and kill the wolf easily)

• Hilda now adds a correct amount of leadership at any level*
- meh, when you get her to level 5 you won't even notice there is/was a bug there

• Regina now grants an attack bonus to level 5 creatures*
- big deal, most of the game you won't have level 5 creatures or will have a small number of them so the atk bonus is pretty irrelevant

• "Greedy" achievement counter now displays the amount of gold earned correctly*
- honestly after a few hours in the game I had so much cash I never bothered to look (and notice the bug) on the display

• Calculation of travel time between islands corrected*
- and this helps in what way? no matter how much time you need for a travel with a ship, your rage will go zero and mana restored

• Amount of honey in "Block of Honey" now won’t be reduced over time if the item is not equipped*
- this looks as a very bad bug, but actually if you use units that get it's bonus you won't even notice it's bugged, and if you don't use them, you won't buy that item at all or you won't care

• "Shamanic Doll" item functioning corrected*
- for this item I dunno as I still haven't find one, but according to others when you use it, the game freezes. well, you won't use it!

• "Telescopic Sight" item functioning corrected*
- another item you won't even bother with as there are plenty of better ones to collect

There are modders who are working on unofficial fixes (and released a few already) so it's possible they'll make a "hack" for savegames to correct a few of those numbered.
btw I'm 42 hours in the game, found another bug (um… can't finish a quest as I couldn't find a person questgiver is talking about so maybe it's not a bug as I just got teleported to previously cleaned area which is now crawling with harder mobs and new questgivers) and finally my game crashed to desktop for the second time since I've started to play it!
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