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November 3rd, 2012, 16:02
Originally Posted by Asdraguuhl View Post
Speaking about the awfulness of the new SW trilogy, there is a funny and (in)famous video review where the reviewer goes to great lengths to make a complete mockery out of those films, rightfully so if I may add. Below, I put the Youtube links for you to watch in case you hadn't seen them already.

Enjoy! ……I certainly did so myself .
Only watched the first set, but almost feel out of my chair ;-) great stuff..esp 'what's wrong with your face!?' I recently watched all 6 movies back-to-back - while the vfx for E4 were kind of dated, the (somewhat simplistic) story, characters and everything just seemed to work so much better. E4 was also made, I think, for younger audience - I first saw it in 1977 (when I was 7 - and it blew me away. The later movies, were darker and better (except for Ewoks…). Anyway, E1 and E2 just seemed shallow by comparison, great vfx extravaganza, but the movies seemed to be designed t show off vfx rather than for story exposition…which is not a good thing.
I still think Disney will churn out 'kids' movies, and I except to be disappointed. Anyway, glad to see George has very decently given away much of his fortune - many otehr stinking rich billionaires could learn from his example. You can't take it with you (unless you have yourself cryogenically frozen and hope they can start you up again, and the…but wait!?…what's wrong with you face?!'…)
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