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November 3rd, 2012, 20:45
After a long time I spent a whole evening gaming.

I tried Faerie Solitaire (free on Steam, you have to collect it within the next couple of days though). After a somewhat slow start it becomes really addictive. I must have played between 40 and 50 hands. So far it seems like one of those games you can play as harmless entertainment, with only mild challenges, for endless hours.
For free it's definitely worth a shot, and even the usual couple of bucks for this type of game are fair.

After that I bought Dead Island GOTY. It's installed now but I haven't tried it yet.
Up-to-date info for our German members: Dead Island was never released here. The BPjM first put it on The Index, Liste B (heavy gloryfication of violence -> which means nationwide confiscation through a court order usually follows when somebody "with a reasonable interest in it" requests it) but later reconsidered and only put it on the simple Index A (selling and buying is legal, but people under 18 must not have any contact with the game or advertising for it -> confiscation usually doesn't happen resp. would be complicated).
As of now activation via Steam is no problem if you have an EU key. To be safe you can do it after 23.00. US keys don't seem to work without a proxy.

While Dead Island installed I played Splinter Cell: Conviction.
The gameplay and story(-telling) reminds me a lot of Max Payne 2. Of course there are differences, but that's the general direction. Instead of bullet time Sam can (and should!) use hand to hand kills. One of these enables an execution shot on a few enemies.
There's less sneaking than I expected. Many situations can only be solved with violence.
Very nice game. Highly polished, intense action (no respawning, the usual set pieces), unfortunately no free saving. Controls with the mouse are fine. The game works in offline mode once it has been bound to a UPlay account. (This is not the case for many other Ubi games!) I set UPlay to offline + no cloud and then told my firewall to block both UPlay and SC:C. The game still worked correctly.
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