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November 4th, 2012, 04:35
Building upon the rants of last week's "old school RPG" features, this guy is continuing to just put me off. He's sounding more like a maniacal twit with tunnel vision than a person worth listening to.

I want a classic RPG experience as much as the next person, but statesment such as the following just serve to undermine any arguments you make:
CRPGs are not the genre of the elite anymore. This is the genre of the spoiled rotten brat.
Elite? Matt sounds more and more like a misguided, arrogant, and bitter twit these days. Perhaps he should be in a barber shop some place lamenting to passerbys about walking to school in the snow, up a hill both ways. Things change, the market changes and, while I'll tip my hat in mourning depth in our RPG's, I'm not about to yell, "Get off my lawn, you spoiled kids."

…I have to wonder if he hangs out at the Codex often and if that bitter and crazed community has rubbed off on him. No offense meant to the more rational (and less vocal) visitors to that site.
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