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November 4th, 2012, 20:09
Legend of Grimrock

This is an exceptionally well crafted game, and a ton of fun to boot! After finishing with my four person party, I fired it up with a solo Toorum run. Few games do I replay right away. The sounds and visuals are just about flawless, but the superb puzzles are what really hooked me. I only disliked the final fight and the fighters challenge since they both seemed like luck to win (although the end boss was one of the coolest in memory). Also one twitch puzzle was undoable until I turned the graphics settings almost all the way down.

Combat was OK. Playing a solo fighter really requires a lot of hit and run, and square dancing. I am curious to see how speedy Toorum does on some of the challenges.

If you like dungeon crawls and puzzles you must play this one. I found it much more engaging than Mass Effect. Kudos to Almost Human!
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