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Default Please help me identify this RTS/RPG hybrid game

November 4th, 2012, 20:30
Hello. "Back in the day", around 10 years ago, I played a game for the PC that was really cool. It was a real-time strategy/RPG hybrid game. I can't remember the name of it though, so maybe you can help me. Here are some details about the game.

From what I recall, you could choose various races to play as. You build up a base and units and fought against either CPU or human opponents. You created a character that was the General of your troops. The game is over when you defeat the opposing Generals or you lose your own General.

My race of choice was the Undead. My created General was an undead character with a vampirism skill that sucked life out of enemies when he hit them. I could defeat entire armies with my General and starting units alone because of the awesome powers I equipped him with.

You could develop your General much like a standard RPG. There were skills and abilities you unlocked as you leveled up, and you could find chests in the game world filled with equipment that your General could use.

You could also build towers that were defense units. The more towers you built, the higher the cap you could have for building attack units. Multiplayer games often turned into "tower siege" because each human side would build a million towers next to each other and it made it damn near impossible to attack the enemy's base. Which is why I would seek out the enemy as soon as the game started with my extremely powerful General and destroy whatever units they had built.

The last thing I remember about the game was you could play on "Ironman" mode, which doubled your amount of EXP gained, but meant that if you died even one time, you were permanently killed and your character was deleted. I played on this mode and got very far with my undead General until I was finally taken down. I never played the game again because it was a crushing defeat. My uncle who I played the game with was the one who killed him, and he was screaming, "Yes!! Yes!!! Finally!!!" from his room when he finally took down my General.

Anyway, any clues on what this game is? I would love to find it again as it was great fun back then. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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