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November 5th, 2012, 17:39
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I haven't paid attention to professional reviews since the days of Nintendo Power or Gamepro magazine. I have always read user reviews when I can. Sometimes you find like-minded individuals who share your tastes in games when reading user reviews, that those reviews become very valuable. It works well for me.

As for Mass Effect, I got bored with the first game about 30 hours in and never went back to it. It was a good game, very pretty, good action, passable RPG elements, but I just got bored with it. I think it was too long of a game for what it was. Too many side quests. I know it's weird to say a game I spent 30 hours with was too long, but around that time I was just ready for it to be over. It was boring going to every star system in the game searching for side quests, and I didn't care to finish the main story. Blah…

The best part of that game was the graphics. Seeing the various planets was really astonishing. I loved seeing the huge, ominous moons and stars in the sky. Probably some of the best graphics I've seen in a video game.
Perfect example of how everyone's interests are different… I thought the best part of the game was visiting all the other planets and investigating the little mysteries. The Mako was a great way to do it IMO. You actually felt like you were exploring. What's more, is if you didn't care about collecting the stuff for the rather useless side quests (matriarch writings, etc) you could just skip it and stick to the "main" part of each planet. What you did, and to what extent, was up to you.

To me, this was the single-greatest flaw of the next 2 games. For everything they did to improve the characters/drama in the sequels, taking out that pure exploration aspect was unfortunate.

And I thought the game length for all 3 games was perfect because, again, you could do whatever side quests you wanted, or you could stick to the main plot. Kind of like Skyrim. If you do all the side quests, you're easily over 100hrs. If you do the main plot, far less. The game is what you make of it.
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