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November 5th, 2012, 23:07

Other delicious quotes:

Chaos Chronicles intentionally aims for players who are into classical role-playing games and tactical turn-based combat. I am not sure how hardcore you need to be to enjoy our game, but you should be familiar with terms like ‘Armor Class’ , ‘Attack of Opportunity’ and ‘Saving Throws’.
PO: Since we are using the 3.5e OGL, our combat will not be so different from ToEE's. The main difference will be our hexagon grid. All 3.5e OGL combat rules are designed for squares and ToEE has no grid at all. That’s why we are investing much time to adapt 3.5 actions and spells to our grid. I think introducing this hex-grid to 3.5e will be the main improvement of our game.
The spell system will be very similar to the 3.5e open game content but with some minor improvements. For example, in Chaos Chronicles the Wizard doesn’t need to memorize one particular spell to use it later – he can choose from any spell in his book as long as he has free daily ‘slots’ for this spell level remaining. In this way, the player will also use very exotic spells that are usually never been taken since nobody wants to waste a slot for them.
We are offering an open world gameplay. You can walk wherever you want as long as you survive the encounters. Our world map is very similar to games like Ultima or Phantasie. While walking through the wilderness you will discover more and more locations . The main plot will lead you to some specific locations, but you decide when to go there.
Automatic level-scaling? Kill it with fire! No, seriously, it already ruined ‘Oblivion’ and we will not repeat that mistake in our game. There are different monster types of different levels in different areas of the world. Therefore, as the player you should be very careful where you are roaming.
We don’t have item spamming like in Torchlight or Diablo. Our item system is a bit more low-magic, even a +1 weapon is already very powerful and expensive. The player will find magical artifacts, but in the beginning of the game even some simple rusty melee weapons will be a big help to survive.

Yes, this is one of the main attractions to follow.
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