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November 6th, 2012, 11:18
Mass Effect had the mystery going for it - as it was the first game. It also wasn't streamlined into oblivion - which was a huge issue with the next two games.

It felt non-linear to a much larger degree as well, which was vitally important to me. The Mako concept was fantastic - but the execution sucked.

Being naive, I expected them to improve that for the sequels - and I was shocked to learn that they dumped the freeform exploration entirely, as well as item modification and inventory.

ME2 was very, very polished and a true AAA experience in terms of production values. Sadly, it lost a LOT of the flavor because of excessive streamlining.

ME3 got some of it back, which was nice - but the game felt rushed and shallow. It was just a mess - and for once the issue wasn't the mechanics but the actual content. It needed at least another 6 months in development. Actually, I'd say it needed a full year of polish and care.




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