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November 6th, 2012, 15:08
Trouble here is that team came up with a historical and singular project.

It is historical as it resumes a major video gaming aspect where it was dropped off and it is singular as so few other studios are attempting the same.

On the paper, both these two characteristics should have been enough to muster enough support (and more actually) to fund the project.

The miscalculation here is to assume that players want novelty and not more of the same. Very often, people throw stones at corporations for the lack of innovation when corporations have more likely well profiled their customers who when saying to say something new actually want to play the old same, a bit redressed.

They showed up to reduce the risks that nothing will be delivered arond March 2014.

But as potential backers are not attracted to the substance of the project, they are now forced to provide on secondary features in the game.

Like combat while they stated that combat will not be that big in the combat department and story.

It's been a while I did not play a game for its scripted story but even without that, looking at the rooster, it is obvious the story can not be a central point in the game. No professional writer in it.

Added to that, the story will go on dynamically which makes it even harder to report on that dimension, contrary to a well structured story when every ins and outs are known beforehand.

They are going to be slowly forced to give what they wanted to avoid as gamers want them to give the same exact old.

KS is a very valuable source of information.
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