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November 6th, 2012, 15:23
Originally Posted by arthureloi View Post
Thank you very much. I understand now. I don't like product placement when it's too often or blunt but when done subtly in my opinion it can actually add a realism layer.
As for the "whining", I understand the unfair punishment point of view but I really think it's not enough or justifies whining.

The DLC looks really great and got me so hyped. Fortunately, I have not played Skyrim yet so when I finally get to it there will be a bunch of great additional content for my playthrough. I liked what I saw with the other DLCs but I think this one is the best looking one up to now. =D
Yes it looks great, but it's not free. It has a substantial price point - so it's not like they're doing us a favor by selling it.

It's a mutually beneficial exchange - and they've simply chosen exclusivity to the detriment of non-Xbox users.

I'm not sure whining needs to be justified or if that's really what we're talking about. But I can certainly sympathise with the dissatisfaction.




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