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November 6th, 2012, 18:23
Originally Posted by arthureloi View Post
That's the exact point I was hoping to reach.

I like to investigate other cultures and their differences. Here in my country this exclusivity thing has no impact at all too.

I was wondering why some people stay for weeks on a line to be the first to experience the new apple first hand, the new ipod, nintendo wii u, windows 8 etc.

Interestingly (for example, with new games or operating systems), these behaviors baffle me even more because these applications always need a good time before they mature and get to a good working versions with fixes and patches.

I wanted to know if this is a country specific phenomenon (and if so, why?). Additionally, I wanted to discover if the complaining about the game or DLC or whatever launching exclusively for one platform (for a limited time) was a derived behavior from that phenomenon. I can understand being mad about the not releasing on your platform of choice, but this case is just a temporary exclusive window.
Do you seriously mean to suggest you don't understand the concept of impatience?

Have you never wanted something so badly that you didn't want to wait?

In this case - some people are getting it much sooner - while the rest have to wait for it.

It's an exceedingly simple concept that's hardly worthy of much study.

Personally, I'm in no hurry to get this DLC for Skyrim, because I've already played it and I'm waiting for the mods to mature and all DLC to be released. But I have no issue comprehending that my case is for me, and other people are different from myself. Some people really love Skyrim and they want everything as soon as possible.

I think exclusivity is an anti-consumer business concept that's all about greed. As for whether they have "more money" available for other things - we have no idea what kind of money they'd need for their next thing or how they invest them. The profit from this exclusivity deal with Microsoft could go directly to hookers and hamburgers for all we know. If we go along with everything that gets more money into the hands of publishers - expecting that to result in better games, then we're being pretty blind to the reality of the current industry standard.

If that was the case, then we'd see a very, very different kind of game as the norm today.

In any case, selling 10 million copies of Skyrim should be enough to get them rolling on the next project, I'd say. Exclusivity on top of that is just tasteless opportunism. Having a gold mine like TES means you can afford to care about your consumers.




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