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November 6th, 2012, 22:09
Originally Posted by Fantasm View Post
I see there's a ranged spell that knocks an opponent to the ground. Wouldn't that basically become an "I win" button?
Without giving it too much thought I can see four solutions for that.
1) It takes some time for the mage to cast the spell so when you see he`s casting, get out of the way or disrupt him. Also, the devs could make the mage move and aim at a slower speed when casting.
2) If the target is lightweight, send him flailing and make him fall when struck by the spell BUT since he`s lighter and nimbler, and depending on his health and constitution, make it so he can recover from the fall quickly. On the other hand, if he`s heavy and big, he should not be sent flying but just stagger, unless the spell is really strong.
3)The spell should have a cooldown time so you can`t spam it.
4) If you`re a mage too you should have counterspells.
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