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Default New official diskless patch 1.1 (for all digital download versions) link

November 7th, 2012, 07:21
Diskless Patch


Patch 1.1 Change Log
List of changes and fixes:
- Optimized rendering of grass using instansing;
-Fixed some minor graphical issues;
- Fixed provaly FPS in certain areas of the game world;
- Fixed bug with installation of empty windows on the screen perks;
- Now more common among merchants kolimator for AK47
- Fixed a mission to steal the documents for the don Guillermo "Working under the guise of";
- Made improvements to the range of missions for the Don Guillermo and his henchmen;
- Fixed changing relations with the factions at work on smugglers Espada;
- Fixed the mission about a vase that has been selected by bandits of the old man, Alberto - now just a marker pointing to the place where you have to get to the shore;
- Fixed the mission "Beer for Russia";
- Fixed the mission "Get 10 doses of powder" - now in describing the mission correctly stated the number of doses;
- Fixed the mission with the shooting of Rupert;
- Improved functionality of some perks;
- Improve the balance of objects falling from the corpses of enemies;
- On the sunken galleon Fixed position chest, which was difficult to find;
- Fixed the mission Gilberto;
- Fixed last mission for Leonardas.
- Fixed the mission "A competing firm.
- Fixed the mission "The release of a smuggler."
- Fixed the mission "Eliminate Sergeant Crespo.
- Fixed dialogue Juarez after completing all the missions for him and save the old Diego.
- Fixed some minor bugs Level Design.
- Fixed problem when loading katstsen;
- Reduced running speed player
- Increased time that a player can run with stamina
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