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November 7th, 2012, 17:42
azarhal I'm unsure are you referring to Elite 4 or Star Citizen.

But let me add one more detail. A few days ago I left a certain MMO space sim for good. It's STO. Why? Once promising changes are over with and changes happening lately are more and more bad design choices, in other words design fails. The space sim is becoming everything but a space sim - instead of a real MMO game it's now an online lottery or online Las Vegas slot machine. Maybe I'd even stay if the changes were pay2win, however the changes are you may pay millions and still don't get the one item/unit/ship/thing you want because you have to retry "the slot machine" and if lucky you'll get the thing you want. Not for free of course. I'm not even sure if such game that became practically a gambling online site is legal.

And this Elite4, being strictly MMO, smells exactly like such travesty coming. What do devs think, that all gamers are gambling addicts?

But Star Citizen on the other hand is SP, and if such gambling detail even exists there it's still not listed. Plus, by being practically SP, there is no need to gamble with real money at all since you don't need some *nobrainer musthave thing* if you want to compete with someone.
If I'm not mistaken Star Citizen is by being singleplayer connected to some global or private server, depending on your choice, is actually very much HoMM6 like. In some of my posts about HoMM6 I've already said, it's not an annoying "feature" as many say, it's nice to see what others hinted and share your own thoughts with the community without a need to go register on a forum or have a facebook acc - the only problem was that Ubisoft servers went offline too often while I was playing that game. The difference however is that you can't start a private server for HoMM6.
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