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November 7th, 2012, 18:12
Finished King's BountyWarriors of North.
Took me 64 hours, but it was fun and I still want more.

What can I say that isn't said already about it.
Pros: the game contains humor, it's not boring, it's fun, great music, valkyres are awsome and etc.
Cons: dunno… perhaps not many boss battles? also the 9th rage skill cannot be upgraded

The game is not buggy as hell as some claimed. I did get rare crashes and there is a fix to a particular one (ice dragon dying possible animation problem). Also there are 8 quests I couldn't solve. 5 of those are definetly a bug (confirmed on the official site, there is already a patch for that), but the rest 3 could be connected to some unknown and unconfirmed problem with the inventory, I did have an item needed to solve the quest, but nothing happened when I brought it to the quest giver (one of those is a horn of the black unicorn). In the end I've solved exactly 112 quests.

No I didn't number them. When you finish the game, it asks you do you want to save your stats - I said yes and got a nice desktop pic with you (the hero) surrounded by all 5 valkyres and stats including how many quests you solved. I'm keeping the pic as the background as I really like it.

The most positive things IMO are removal of the yucky mini dragon and there is no abusable area for easy item upgrading like in Crossroads.
And I'm definetly buying the fourth KB game, whenever and if it gets released.
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