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November 7th, 2012, 22:17
Originally Posted by TheMadGamer View Post
an endless treadmill.
Isn't that what most RPGs boil down to in the end though? Diablo has simply taken that formula to the extreme, by introducing an auction house and having the player repeat boss runs and grind at high level.

But really, how else would a developer develop end game content in a game like Diablo? For one thing, most Diablo players prefer grinding. Besides, the game's content can only be interesting and fresh for so long. 60 levels of content is a ton of content, so once you're done with that, then what? At least Blizzard has given you the option to grind away for high level loot. It's a very rudimentary way to extend the game and many people appreciate the option that Blizzard has given them.

This guy complaining in the article is expecting what? An endless amount of unique, interesting content? At some point the game has to end and the content has to be over. Again, Blizzard has given you the option of grinding to keep the game going for longer than a normal game would last. I think that's a good thing.
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