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November 8th, 2012, 00:18
Originally Posted by azarhal View Post
But you are probably going to say that Dungeons and Puzzles aren't your think too I guess…
Mario puzzles aren't my thing, no DDO has far superior mechanics for that… I really miss "The Pit". Now that was a puzzle!

Dungeons, however, I enjoy for the most part. At least the first half dozen times. They often devolve into a chaotic-button mashing mess after a while though - that's just a symptom of the combat style of GW2 as a whole.

I actually preferred the dungeons of GW1 moreso - I think primarily due to the more strategic skillsets required amongst your party members. For me, GW2 suffers from every class being a dps class first and foremost - chaos be damned. It's fun for a while but I'm left wanting more. Considering that I've been waiting for GW2 since first hearing about it in 2007 (even bought the issue of PCGamer with the code for the stupid Asura minipet), it's been a disappointment.
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