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November 8th, 2012, 08:32
Originally Posted by holeraw View Post
A lot of people just don't get what a kick in the teeth it is after pouring your soul into your work, having someone else put his dirty fingers in and mix things up in ways that you never intended, that disregard the messages you wanted to convey (or sometimes even worse- that they succeed at conveying them more efficiently than you, leaving you feeling incompetent) and then be expected to congratulate them, bless them and be grateful too because your gained some popularity or money, not because of what you achieved, but because of what someone else did to your work.
Yeah, poor Sapkowski. Quick! Someone arrest the guy who held a gun to his head when he signed away the video game rights!
Oh, and it surely must be really painful to see your super-intellectual literary work based on a monster slayer be raped by CDP's lowly crappy monster slayer games.
I mean, seriously, we all know that Sapkowski is right up there with Franz Kafka, Thomas Mann and Immanuel Kant, right? What was CDP thinking when they made a monster slayer RPG? Quick! Someone call a lawyer or something!
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