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November 8th, 2012, 10:07
Originally Posted by Dez View Post
I don't understand his attitude. Many gamers have got to know his wonderfull books because of witcher series. Shouldn't he be even a tiny bit gratefull for that? Is he afraid that the value of his work is somehow diminished because of witcher games? The games which were made by people whom were so inspired by his work? I thought every writer would be proud of such accomplishment. In particular when games were such high quality.

I get that Sapkowski isn't interested in videogames. After all he said it with so many words. I can also somewhat agree that storytelling in videogames can never have same depth like a good book does.

Still that being said, I don't get why he is so eager to contemn what he doesn't understand or is not willing to understand. Don't judge book by it's cover as it is said.
Maybe he wants to write to tell stories, making money to support himself in his undertaking. Just saying. There are still a few artists out there who keep balancing the necessity of making a living and their artistic license.

Adding more customers to his readership? This might only increase the pressure from customers to change the evolution of the storytelling, to get their demands passed through the narrative.

As to not understanding video games, he might understand them very well and get to the same final conclusion.

Different media brings different constraints. The video game medium is weak at supporting scripted narratives due to structural deficiencies. If this author is interested in telling a scripted story, he would be a fool to restrict his narrative art by coupling the book narrative art to a video game narrative limitations.
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