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November 8th, 2012, 12:53
When my blood stopped boiling after ME3 ending, I've decided to replay ME1 and ME2. The first game had an unique atmosphere. There was sene of exploration, it was fun to "restart" all these relationships with Garrus, Liara etc. And when I play ME2 it feels like a (huge) expansion pack to the ME1 -the most interesting thing for me about it was the geth quarian background…. it added sth to the lore, the baby terminator failed at that -.-.
And now this DLC which sounds interesting.. but it has one disadvantage. It will feel irrelevant coz of crappy ending. Someone can say: the awesome The Old World Blues DLC in FNV doesn't change anything too - well there is one difference: FNV ending could be better ofc but, for sure, it hadn't destroy the feeling that your actions have any matter. After completing the game you (your character) had a feeling that he did sth cool, the awareness of ME3 conclusion brings a feeling of "meh".
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