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November 8th, 2012, 13:47
Originally Posted by Mr Smiley View Post
I suspect that his publisher wants him to chash in on the success of the Witcher games, by writing more Witcher stories, preferably with content closer to the games than he would like. It would make perfect sense from a business perspective, while it would also compromise his artistic integrity, which he obviously feels very strongly about.

I'm not all that impressed by his books, but I admire his stubbornness here. It would have been easier and more profitable for him to just go with the flow and churn out more Withcer books along with the games.
It is old news. The relationship between the writer and the publisher were exposed years ago.

The author might have been interviewed on the topic, giving more insight. But the relationship and how it works has been known for years. They made no mystery they received little help from the writer and that the story was not a sequel but an alternative developpment.

I think that the publisher wanted to start their success story by building on the domestic market and turned to something local. Something easily associated as polish. As the Witcher is big in Poland, they turned to the writer to buy exploitation rights. This is the kind of agreements they stroke.
Nothing more.
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