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November 8th, 2012, 13:57
Originally Posted by The Walkin' Dude View Post
"Instead, I got to be myself for a change. I got to play a game how I wanted to play it, instead of how I thought I should be. If someone struck me as evil, I killed them and didn't worry about the extra quest they might have offered later. If the guards caught me, I killed them too."

The beauty here with Dishonored is that it's too easy to become "evil". If you want to sneak past the guards who, after all, are just trying to get through the day, you have to work for it. The evil playthrough, I find, is easier and, because it is so fun, very tempting.
I disagree. There is no evil playthough and I didn't find it easy.

Combat was very hard so I set back difficulty from very hard to easy. I run through health elixors very fast in a non-stealth combat game. The upside is that you don't have to care about being seen.

The easiest part about the stealth playthrough is that not being seen means you're not being attacked, which means you have plenty of health. In this playthrough mana depletes much faster (if you use the supernatural stuff). And if you're like me you'll be saving a lot.

There is only low chaos and high chaos.

Ofcourse, you'd consider killing everyone 'evil'. But you can also kill everyone in the stealth playthrough. All that matters is if bodies are discovered. You can probably kill easier in stealth (drop-down, for which I couldn't use my non-lethal choke).

The hard (and rewarding) part of the stealth playthrough is getting rid of the bodies (snoring or otherwise out of this world) without being noticed.

One playthrough I might do down the line is use the Heart on every guard to look at his past and use that to decide who lives or dies. It's as close to a neutral playthrough I can think of.
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