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November 8th, 2012, 15:05
To everyone. There is high a difference between Inquisitor respawns and DeusEx:HR mobs. Just an example. In one game you grind in another you don't grind.

And having a part of the game unstoppable grinding makes it a grinder. Remember that TW2 also has a grinding part, but did I ever call it an annoying grinder? Of course not. Why? Because by destroying nests you stop respawns, you stop grinding. Alas that returns us to ontopic, right?
The little detail that you're missing is that some people are actually having fun repeating things - and that means it's not grinding to them.

Also, every grind can be stopped - because you can stop grinding. The reason people are not stopping is, surprisingly, because they don't consider it a grind. They stop once it BECOMES a grind to them, and then they can call it a grinder afterwards.

Some people enjoy playing Tetris - where you're repeating a TINY subset of actions over and over and over.

I consider playing Tetris for more than 10 seconds a HUGE grind. But I wouldn't call Tetris a grinder in an objective sense.

It's down to personal preference.




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