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November 8th, 2012, 16:15
I will say it is highly unusual when you see writers like Martin, Salvatore,Orson Scott Card and even Isaac Asimov embraced using games as an avenue for their story-telling.This is a pretty interesting link. http://herocomplex.latimes.com/2012/…o-game-career/
To the point:
Itís a common pattern for writers to get involved in other kinds of media projects, be it plays or movies. To me, games is another one of those. In some ways, games are a cleaner fit with what fantasy and science fiction writers do for a living. The thing that differentiates us is the world build aspect. Thatís what science fiction and fantasy writers do. We donít just create stories, we create a world. And then we write stories within those worlds. I can remember my amazement when the ďHaloĒ novels came out. Suddenly, these worlds were becoming rich enough to support novels. And in important ways, the novels buttressed what was going on in the games. So that became a signal that getting involved in games may be a totally rational career move for a science fiction fantasy author.
I bought a hard cover of a Raymond E. Feist book and it had a free copy of one of the Krondor games in the back.
I this guy for sticking to his principles but it looks like he hasn't done any financial homework. He can have books and a wad of cash in his pocket.
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