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November 8th, 2012, 19:27
I pledged a little higher than that, but we're on the same page. I want to like Sui Generis and am waiting for them to say or show something that is a little more exciting than a combat/physics demo. Unless they learn to market very quickly, the kickstarter will fail. Maybe a little humble pie will teach them a lesson that needs to be learned to truly be successful. To be honest the physics could be the best ever and the game design be total crap. What's the world like? How many continents? What level of industry? Swords and sorcery, or do we get muskets and cannon too? Is it a monarchy, a feudal society, a republic, do they even know yet? Give some history of the grand events of the past. This isn't poker, it's blackjack. We have to know what some of the cards are…well we don't if you're paying for it instead of us.
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