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November 8th, 2012, 22:14
Originally Posted by wiretripped View Post
Really? From what I understood it leaned more toward the persistent MMO-type world kind of game with a basic and optional single player campaign. Maybe I didn't read it properly…

The trailer did look brilliant, but the hint of MMO in there threw me off and was enough to keep me from backing. It just felt like they were focusing more on MP than on SP.

Did I misunderstand?
Those were my fears as well so I decided to ask them a question through Kickstarter about the depth and scope of Squadron 42 when compared to the original WC series and whether it is mandatory to go on-line for activation or registration purposes even when playing the SP off-line campaign. (Out of principle, I will not help fund a game if I am not granted a DRM-free version). I got my answer today which I post below:

Star Citizen Kickstarter answer:
Squadron 42 is a full game, on the same scale as the original Wing Commander. In fact one of the big things Chris wants to do is a return to a true branching storyline like the original WC had that was dropped by the later titles. But yes, Squadron 42 is half of our effort… in fact, all the work that has been done so far, everything you saw in the demo, was built for Squadron 42 rather than Star Citizen.

You will not need to connect to the internet (unless, of course, you want to play with a real wingman.) None of that activation or always-on DRM, though!

- Ben
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