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November 9th, 2012, 00:30
Not so fast there, Slick. Personally, music makes no difference to me. In fact, one of my first tweaks in the Settings is to turn it off. It's a distraction. When I'm role playing, I don't want or need a score to cue my emotional responses or game actions. When I'm sneaking around the wasteland or some interior, do I really need some heart-pounding music to raise my tension level? No. Dead silence in Sneak Mode is all I need. It can be excruciating.
If all I'm doing is sitting in front of my wide-screen TV watching a zombie flick, then music is fine. Same with a Western or James Bond movie. To me, music and action are movie, not a game experience.
The Gothic music score is supposed to be some big earth-shaking masterpiece, same with some other AAA games. For me, no game music score has made any impression on me whatsoever. It's all story, game play, combat, role playing for me. Save the music for a road trip in the car. JMHO.
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