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November 9th, 2012, 11:53
As far as his opinions on Wizardry go Cleve is full of shit, but it's probably just butthurt because his own supposed tr00 sequel to Wizardry 7 still isn't out.

If this game hadn't been in production endlessly and if he wasn't crazy like a bag of cats, I'd even donate on Indiegogo. In fact I might still do that despite the aforementioned points. Personally I think he should have set a smaller goal, why should people spend enough to help a totally old-school RPG produced by a nutcase reach 250.000$ ? That's bound to demotivate potential backers. But Cleve has an answer to that too. Even if funding falls short the game will be released even if it's a bit "rough around the edges". Someone ought to take the marketing part out of his hand.

Despite that, I thoroughly enjoy his videos. They're probably the best thing about the campaign.




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