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November 9th, 2012, 13:10
Originally Posted by kalniel View Post
Another example of certain people believing that the only option is never to change something or appeal to other people than themselves. Diablo 3 is different to previous Diablo games.. and it's better IMHO.

It doesn't matter which of our opinions is right individually, but sales will judge if Blizzard were right or not.
Sales mean nothing when it's based on names. The sales of the expansion, however, will mean something.

You think it's better than previous Diablo games? Great. A lot of fans don't.

I have absolutely no problem with them changing something - that's their choice. I'm speaking about why they're facing such a negative reaction. If that was what they wanted, then good for them. I doubt it, though.

Personally, I'd have evolved what was already there and working. I wouldn't have changed what worked into something inferior. I'd have expanded the scope and the feature-set.

But that's me.




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