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November 9th, 2012, 12:52
Originally Posted by vurt View Post
You're arrogant. How many KS projects has an engine that is evolved as this, how many KS projects has a game to show off? I do agree most of the gameplay is just on paper, but that goes for 99% of all KS projects.

KS just isnt for you.
You may consider me arrogant, but that's completely irrelevant here. I'm speaking my mind based on their approach and their style.

They sound like arrogant developers with an extremely high opinion of their ability to deliver. That's fine - and arrogance can be a useful tool.

But until they demonstrate something more, I'll remain extremely sceptical. That's because my experience is that if you can really deliver - you don't have to oversell that message constantly by bragging about how fantastic you are, but you can't actually reveal how - exactly. That's not convincing to me. Try reading their KS page again, if you missed that.

Obviously, you think differently - and that's fine.

If you can't handle that opinion, I'm ok with that.




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