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November 9th, 2012, 15:26
Playing it on normal feels too easy. Okay, it's not my first civ game so I just know what to do, I'll try with other settings.
There are some differences with other sequels, nothing revolutionary though. Can't say for sure if it's a step back or step forward…
Some things are utterly silly. I'm rushing the technology (got everything possible before stepping into 20th century) but simply couldn't make things even faster - whatever I've offered to NPC opponents for tech exchange in any turn since the game start, they've just refused. Also NPC opponents don't seem to "calculate" what wonders they should get quickly, most of wonders that are not very useful in the long run they grab as soon as possible, while no brainer musthave ones I managed to get without too much thinking. Should I add that I was on the same island with two NPCs and both of them declared a war on me although per statistics the game could check my army - I had about 5times more forces than both of them combined almost all of the time!
While the victory can be achieved through several possible means, in the end I won by sending the spaceship (game registered that and gave me 5 achievements) and opted to play one more turn and then I won in the same turn with the UN vote (game didn't register this as another victory but I had to reload to grab that achievement). Okay, I'm not playing for achievements, but I wanted to see what epilogue will be displayed. For whatever reason I didn't save the game upon building UN, so I can't go for other victory types now as UN vote is practically mine and I'll win before I, for example, destroy every NPC opponent (and I can do it quickly, they're all still on muskets and I'm equipped with nukes and stealth bombers on the other side).

In the end, the game is simply not fun enough or that normal mode is just not challenging enough. Or I got lucky?

There is another thing that's bothering me. The overall design feels like it's trying to be compatible/playable on consoles and smartphones. Yuck.
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