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November 9th, 2012, 16:07
To me music is very important and ever since I was a kid I always pay a lot of attention to the soundtrack of any media so putting effort and resources into the music department is a must IMO. In my case, music can make or break a game or movie.

Originally Posted by Vahid View Post
As far as I recall the best music I've heard belonged to Arcanum. I can't even imagine this game with no music sound… given that situation I would never have been impressed of it that much because in this game, music was a key factor has been relied on to deliver a great atmosphere and that's why you could hear it even during the conversations and even in the main menu. Using an appropriate musical instrument (violin) was one of the best decision Arcanum devs made and that's one of the main reason which made it unforgettable in my mind.
Arcanum's soundtrack seems to be quite a notorious case as some love it while others hate it. Personally, when I first played Arcanum, I considered the music to be limited in its effectiveness as a soundtrack and blamed the developers for making certain bad decisions.

You say that the use of a violin is one of the best decisions whereas I think that the use of a limited set of instrumentation (i.e. string quartet) was a bad decision as I believe that a wider set of instruments, albeit of similar accoustic or orchestral nature, would be better suited to represent a wider array of concepts, environments, moods, etc., which IMO would benefit the game.
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