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November 9th, 2012, 15:19
Hi, I'm an indie developer and I'm working on an RPG in the style of good old RPGs of the 90s era.

The basic premise is to bring back the fun from the time of Dungeon Master, Eye of The Beholder, Champions of Krynn, early Might & Magic, Wizardry, etc. Not as a remake, but let's say, as if these were still made today.

The core concept:
* old, classic, retro western style RPG
* first person perspective, 90 degree rotation
* pixelated and simple yet colourfull graphics
* not a remake, but an original game that follows the spirit of the old era RPGs
* no excessive fat that would get into the way of your fun

When the game will be ready? The answer is the same all lazy developers say, I don't know But I'm quite sure it will be finished much faster than a typical game of this kind (making games is my only source of income, so I can't procastrate too long you know). Definitely not years, months at most. I hope to release a demo in one month and finish it in 3 months. Right now it's 30% finished.

Early alpha version http://www.silverlemur.com/minotaursandunicorns/ (only basic stuff works)
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